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I’ve always been inspired by real people who make it their life’s work to protect and restore ecosystems, so my Bosque Family Adventure series tells the story of regenerative ecologists who repair biospheres across the galaxy.

In Book 2, Mission to Blue Grannus, the teen heroes apply a mushroom technology to detoxify the drinking water. 

I’m fascinated by this very real bio-technology and by the entire Fungi Kingdom. Indeed, I’ve been on a mushroom foray for years. My literary research for this story tuned me into the invisible connections made by the underground, root-like structure of mushrooms. Their mycelial network wraps around tree roots, connecting one tree to another in the forest, spreading out to the neighboring prairie grasses, sharing nutrients and water throughout the ecosystem. That’s what ecology is all about,  connection and community.

It’s not just one species. It’s the interconnection among species. It’s the web of relationships and responsibilities, rich with possibilities.


In addition to the Bosque Family Adventures, I’m developing a new streaming series for television, also Solar Punk. And I’m writing a contemporary, grounded feature about a girl who rescues her neighbor’s bovine pet, and together they recruit their community to save the forest. 

K. H. Brower's Vision

What Motivates Me

I’m a lifelong culture freak and story junkie.


Many recent fictional works play against a ruined landscape. My choice is to spend time with characters who actively protect and restore our precious planet.


I’m so thankful that being an environmentalist, thinking, speaking, and acting “green" has become more broadly celebrated in our society.  

K. H. Brower Bio

The necessity of ecological balance informs healthy public discourse in every arena of our lives, from power to food production to packaging.  I have faith that you, dear reader, will choose to protect all living creation on our planet, avoiding the kind of environmental collapse that forms the fictional history of the Bosque Family Adventures.


When I'm not writing sci-fi novels about a family of ecologists who restore biospheres across the galaxy, or creating other wonderful story worlds, I'm planning my chestnut orchard, a small one in the corner of the yard. If I wasn't doing these things, I'd be a marine biologist writing about all the interconnected relationships like Rachel Carson, and/or sailing the seas and documenting the wildlife, like Jacque Cousteau and Sylvia Earle.

About K. H. Brower's Vision

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