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I’ve always been inspired by real people who make it their life’s work to protect and restore ecosystems, so my Bosque Family Adventure series tells the story of regenerative ecologists who repair biospheres across the galaxy.

In Book 2, Mission to Blue Grannus, the teen heroes apply a mushroom technology to detoxify the drinking water. 

I’m fascinated by this very real bio-technology and by the entire Fungi Kingdom. Indeed, I’ve been on a mushroom foray for years. My literary research for this story tuned me into the invisible connections made by the underground, root-like structure of mushrooms. Their mycelial network wraps around tree roots, connecting one tree to another in the forest, spreading out to the neighboring prairie grasses, sharing nutrients and water throughout the ecosystem. That’s what ecology is all about,  connection and community.

It’s not just one species. It’s the interconnection among species. It’s the web of relationships and responsibilities, rich with possibilities.


In addition to the Bosque Family Adventures, I’m developing a new streaming series for television, also Solar Punk. And I’m writing a contemporary, grounded feature about a girl who rescues her neighbor’s bovine pet, and together they recruit their community to save the forest. 


Scientific Inspiration

Phytoplankton are single-cell plants that live in the light zone of the ocean. 70% of the oxygen on our planet is produced by phytoplankton in a process called photosynthesis. In Mission to Green Tara, Virginia and Gordy harvest phytoplankton from living waters of a thriving wildlife preserve and reseed an ocean that suffered environmental ruin.

The root structure of mushrooms, threadlike mycelium, spreads throughout living soil. Mycelium serves as nature's decomposers and can remediate poisoned land and water, breaking down toxins like eColi and spilled fossil fuels. In Mission to Blue Grannus, Gordy and Virginia use mycelium to soak up heavy metal toxins and purify the mining colony's drinking water. 

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