Mission to Green Tara

Mission to

Green Tara

Book 1

Fifteen-year-old Virginia Bosque will do anything, even break irrational corporate rules, to fly her cherry red two-seater, a convertible scramjet that is flight-worthy in both deep space and planetary atmospheres.


But after her unauthorized test flight, she’s caught and escorted to a skanky corner of lockdown. The cruel security guard recognizes her cinnamon colored skin, straight black hair, and distinctive name. She’s the daughter of that famous astro-biologist. 


Virginia hates it when people talk about her mom in the past tense. She’s “missing!” Lost in space on an exploratory mission, /seeking viable planetary homes for human colonists. Homes where everyone has fresh air and free water.


Confined to quarters for breaking multiple flight deck rules, Virginia and her younger cousin Gordy discover a hidden chest engraved with a secret navigation chart to her mother's last known location. They plan a rescue mission and fly to the legendary planet, a wildlife refuge, Green Tara.


There they find an oxygen-rich world teeming with songbirds and the secret of her mom's thwarted science expedition. On their cross country trek Virginia confronts enormous insects, gruesome smells, and unpredictable space pirates. Green Tara holds the source of new life for humankind, a way to reseed a desolate ocean. 


Will she find the courage and endurance to fulfill her family's promise?

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On the icy Blue Grannus moon,  where space pirates tow the Bosque teenagers to safety, Gordy hears the story of how his parents met and learns that his name, Gordon, means "guardian," a fitting name for an ecologist. 


The pirates recruit him and his cousin Virginia to trek to the heart of the ice caves to trade with the most famous mushroom cultivator of the galaxy.  After all, space travelers need all sorts of mushrooms for terraforming, for eating, for medicinal use, and for ecosystem restoration. 


Meanwhile, heavy drilling at the mines poisons the colony's drinking water and sets off an earthquake, cracking the ice.  Will Gordy be able to lead the villagers out of the collapsing cave?  Will he and Virginia be able to stop the destructive mining activity and apply mushroom technology to detox the water?

Book 2

Mission to

Blue Grannus

Mission to Blue Grannus