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Mission to Green Tara

Mission to

Green Tara

Book 1

Fifteen-year-old Virginia Bosque takes an unauthroized test flight in her cherry red scramjet.


But she’s caught and escorted to a skanky corner of lockdown. The cruel security guard recognizes her distinctive name. She’s the daughter of that famous astro-biologist. Lost in space on an exploratory mission.


Confined to quarters for breaking multiple flight deck rules, Virginia and her cousin Gordy discover a hidden chest engraved with a navigation chart to her mother's last known location. They plan a rescue mission and fly to the legendary planet, a wildlife refuge, Green Tara.


There, Virginia confronts enormous insects, gruesome smells, and unpredictable space pirates. Green Tara holds the source of new life for humankind, a way to reseed a desolate ocean. 


Will she find the courage and endurance to fulfill her family's promise?

Print & Ebook coming soon!

Gordy has been stuck in a starship so long, he’s outgrown his space boots. Nothing fits anymore, and he’s still growing! He curls up on his hammock with his black cat Spooky. He has never felt so alone.


When Gordy and his cousin Virginia are caught in a solar storm, the teenagers find refuge on the icy Blue Grannus moon. Pirates and traders claim to know Gordy’s mom, who has been lost in space for years. Rumor has it, the Mushroom Man of Grannus Springs knows even more about her.


Gordy and Virginia volunteer for a trading mission, a dangerous trek across the shifting delta ice and deep into the heart of the ice caves, bringing Gordy one step closer to finding his long-lost mom.

Book 2

Mission to

Blue Grannus

Mission to Blue Grannus
Mission to Green Tara
Mission to Blue Grannus
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