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About K.H. Brower

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- K.H. Brower, Author -

K. H. Brower lives in the woodland forest between Bloomington and Spencer, Indiana. She's a culture freak and story junkie. In addition to writing sci-fi novels about a family of ecologists who restore biospheres across the galaxy, she writes, produces, and directs educational programs and documentary films.


When she dives into research for fiction or non-fiction she takes on the role of literary scientist. Currently, she's on a foray to use mushrooms and their mycelium networks to heal our planet.

The Bosque Family Adventure Series

K.H. Brower's sci-fi series, for ages 10 and up, follows a family of ecologists who travel the galaxy, restoring damaged biospheres wherever they go. In book 1, Green Tara, teenage cousins Virginia and Gordy inherit the mission to reseed an ocean with single-cell plants and jumpstart the oxygen cycle of a desolate planet. In book 2, Mission to Blue Grannus, the cousins rescue a mining colony by applying myco-technology (myco is Greek for mushrooms) to detoxify mercury and other heavy metals from the drinking water. 

Scientific Inspiration for

Mission to Blue Grannus

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The root structure of mushrooms, threadlike mycelium, spreads throughout living soil. Mycelium serves as nature's decomposers and can remediate poisoned land and water, breaking down toxins like eColi and spilled fossil fuels. In Mission to Blue Grannus, Gordy and Virginia use mycelium to soak up heavy metal toxins and purify the mining colony's drinking water. 

Author's Personal Note

Climate disruption and habitat destruction are widely understood. Many recent fictional works play against a ruined landscape. My choice is to spend time with characters who actively protect and restore our precious planet.

I’m so thankful that being an environmentalist, thinking, speaking, and acting “green" has become accepted in our society.  The necessity of ecological balance informs healthy public discourse in every arena of our lives, from power to food production to packaging.  I have faith that you, dear reader, will choose to protect all living creation on our planet, avoiding the kind of environmental collapse that forms the fictional history of the Bosque Family Adventures.

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