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  • Why do you write books about a family who restores ecosystems?
    Its about our planet. Mine & Yours. Melting polar ice. The destruction of habitats and species loss. What can one person do? It turns out a lot. People who are taking active steps to regenerate natural ecosystems and have been for generations, right here on Earth. In my fiction, rather than dwell in a dystopian landscape, I'm inviting readers to imagine an amazing, flourishing bioshphere.
  • Why don't you just write non-fiction stories, journalism stuff about the plight of our ecosystem?"
  • What was your inspiration for the Green Tara story?
  • Are you an ecologist?​​
    If you mean, have I been formally trained as an ecologist? No. When I was an undergraduate the field of ecology was in its infancy and few colleges had classes or a program with that name. Biology was around, of course, but the ​​​ kind of systems thinking that informs an ecologist's work was suspect territory for people who used to work in silos and compete for turf. I have studied with the Hoosier River Watch and taken on the citizen scientist role to Adopt-a-Stream.
  • How much of the story world of Green Tara is made up?
    As I developed the story for Green Tara I worked closely with an evolutionary biologist from Indiana University, Dr. Jose Bonner. It's important to me that the biology of terraforming, though largely theoretical at this time, reads absolutley accurate. For example, phytoplankton, the meadow of the seas, are a very real, essential part of Earth's biosphere. Faster-than-light travel is not possible, as humankind now understands physics.
  • What else are you doing to protect and restore our planet?
    Build soil - million chestnut project
  • Novels. Film. What else do you make?
    Here's a motto for you: Always Be Creating.
  • What do you do for fun?
    Garden and hike the woods, of course Dance when no one is looking Travel to places that are wildlife sanctuaries Performance art
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