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I started U.S.C.'s School of Cinema-Television in January of 1984, and spent the next 8 years in Hollywood working and learning from some of the masters of the craft. Eventually, I finished my award-winning masters thesis film, "Among the Magic Mountains," and earned my stellar degree. 

At U.S.C. I practiced both fiction and non-fiction. The paid work I did was largely in post. From cataloguing several decades worth of films for the Visual Anthropology Department to operations assistant in a commercial video post-production facility. From cutting promos for Z-Channel (an early regional version of TMC) and studios like Paramount Pictures, to cutting and designing multi-screen installations for museums and theme parks. 


Stardust & Moonbeams (2017)

Producer of 17-minute narrative fiction film set in the Jazz Age, the roaring 1920's. Winner of multiple festival laurels

The Day I Lost My Voice

The Day I Lost My Voice

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The Day I Lost My Voice (1999)

Writer/Producer/Director of 7-minute narrative documentary set in the 1960's. Created as part of a master artists' workshop led by Judy Chicago.

  • Video Shorts 18 festival in Seattle, WA

  • Sinsations group show, Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, IN. 

  • Shot on Hi-8; edited on the Avid