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I write SolarPunk stories for ages 10 and up. SolarPunk, a positive sub-genre of Science Fiction, imagines flourishing future worlds, where humankind seeks to live in harmony with a biodiverse wilderness. My heroes actively regenerate damaged ecosystems across the galaxy. 

K. H. Brower - Screenwriter

In addition to writing novels, I’ve worked over two decades as an educator. Before that I was an award-winning broadcast journalist. And before that I worked in Hollywood, where I honed my storytelling chops cutting commercials and promos, documentaries and multi-screen projects. 

I studied at the University of Southern California, School of Cinema-Television. My masters thesis film, Among the Magic Mountains, screened at festivals worldwide. Mountains was also invited to a curated show “Identity and Home” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

K. H. Brower's Vision


"I found it a completely refreshing novel. Wonderful characters and a great plot – a nice read even for adults."

—  Helen Baggott, Editor


The Bosque Family Adventure Series

K. H. Brower's SolarPunk Science Fiction series, for ages 10 and up, follows a family of ecologists who travel the galaxy, restoring damaged biospheres everywhere they go.

Mission to Green Tara
Mission to Blue Grannus

Book 2 - Mission to Blue Grannus   

Teenage cousins Gordy and Virginia apply mushroom technology  to detoxify the drinking water and rescue a mining colony on a blue ice moon.


Book 1 - Mission to Green Tara  

Teenage cousins Virginia and Gordy inherit the mission to reseed an ocean with single-cell plants and jumpstart the oxygen cycle of a desolate planet.


Scientific Inspiration - Phytoplankton are single-cell plants that live in the light zone of the ocean. 70% of the oxygen on our planet is produced by phytoplankton in a process called photosynthesis. In Mission to Green Tara, Virginia and Gordy harvest phytoplankton from living waters of a thriving wildlife preserve and reseed an ocean that suffered environmental ruin.


Scientific Inspiration - Mycelium, the root-like structure of mushrooms,  spreads throughout living soil. Mycelium serves as nature's decomposers and can regenerate poisoned land and water, breaking down toxins like eColi and spilled fossil fuels. In Mission to Blue Grannus, Gordy and Virginia use mycelium to soak up heavy metal toxins and purify the mining colony's drinking water. 

Author Bio
K. H. Brower Bio

K. H. Brower 

I’m currently on a foray to use mushrooms and their mycelium networks to heal our planet. When I’m not reading or writing or watching movies, you can find me kicking fall leaves. In warmer weather you might find me paddle boarding cool lakes. Daily, I devote time to dancing, practicing yoga, and cooking yummy meals. 

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