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K. H. Brower is the author of the Bosque Family Adventure Series about a family of ecologists who restore damaged biospheres across the galaxy.
Mission To Green Tara 
is available now, and book 2, 
Mission to Blue Grannus 
is available for pre-order in 2020.

Mission To Green Tara

Book 1

Humans don't have fresh air or free water. That's just the way life is in the 24th century. 

Then Virginia discovers a secret navigation chart to her mother's last known location. She and her cousin Gordy plan a rescue mission and fly to the legendary planet, a wildlife refuge, Green Tara.


There they find an oxygen-rich world teeming with songbirds and the secret of her mom's thwarted science expedition. Green Tara holds the source of new life for human colonies. 


Virginia confronts enormous insects, gruesome smells, and unpredictable space pirates. Will she find the courage and endurance to fulfill her family's promise and reseed an ocean that suffered environmental ruin generations ago?


“Ecology gets a space adventure for young adults.” 


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